Mike Ewing

Mike Ewing, JD

Director of Research

With over 20 years of experience at UAS in drafting and restating pension plans, health and welfare plans, trusts, SPDs, plan amendments, SMMs, plan forms and notices, Mike has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in research and analysis of issues unique to multiemployer plans. In addition, Mike also conducts Pension and Welfare Plan Compliance Audits and HIPAA Privacy Rule assessments and training.

As Director of Research, Mike is the primary drafter of all UAS Research Department publications regarding developments and news affecting pension and healthcare plans, with a focus on multiemployer, Taft-Hartley plans. The UAS Research Department publications emphasize new laws, regulations, and court cases affecting such multiemployer plans. The UAS Research Department generally issues over 60 publications a year reporting on these important developments.

Prior to joining UAS, Mike was in private practice for 10 years with an emphasis on ERISA litigation. Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Juris Doctor degree.