Research Services

United Actuarial Service’s research department provides research services to UAS consultants and benefit administrators.  We also offer them on a subscription basis to attorneys, salaried administrators, other third party administration companies and other employee benefit plan advisors.  Our research department is headed by an attorney who analyzes new laws and regulations and judicial developments that affect employee benefit plans.

We are in frequent contact with regulators in Washington to gain special insight as to the intent of regulations.  We submit written comments on proposed regulations to bring to the Government’s attention provisions that may have unintended and undesirable consequences to our clients or which we believe are unnecessarily complicated and excessively expensive to administer.

During a typical year, we issue research reports exclusively for clients and subscribers (Log On to view).  These include:

The research department also conducts on-site Compliance Audits at a plan administrator’s office to help identify any problems with federal law or regulation and to suggest appropriate corrective measures.

Research Publications